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* 1. Popularization of knowledge, especially regarding Soft Matter Physics and the impact of High Pressure 

* 2. Promoting achievements of young scientists  associated with the X-PressMatter IHPP PAS Laboratory

* 3. Promoting knowledge about personalities of the world of science

* 4. Supporting co-organization/ organization of the "Show Yourself in Science" Workshop & International Seminar on Soft Matter

This WEBSITE was created to realize the following, main  GOALS:

Soft Matter systems have common features, such as the dominance of elements or local structures on the mesoscale, combined with their relatively weak interactions, which turns out to be sufficient to obtain a tendency to self-organize with even a small change in parameters. This additionally leads to extraordinary sensitivity to even minor endogenous and exogenous factors, e.g., nanoparticles and pressure. In the case of the latter, relatively low pressures P~1 GPa, or even much lower ones, can lead to phases/states with exotic features, often persisting after decompression.

Worth stressing, that for "classical hard matter" systems, a pressure similar to that at the Earth's core (~300 GPa) is typically required, and the resulting "exotic" properties most often disappear upon decompression.

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